Welcome to GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL. Before registration, the user must read carefully these terms (hereinafter ‘Terms’) and the Privacy Policy in order to make sure that the same user knows all the activities carried out by GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL in relation to user privacy, as well as the rights and obligations of users registered at GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL.

GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL is a company with registered office in Parabiago (MI), via Po 41.

Personal data are collected and processed by GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL on the basis of the terms illustrated below and the Information on theĀ Privacy Policy.


Registered users of GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL can create their own wishlist, receive first information about new products and so on.

Username and password:
When a user creates a profile in GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL, he is given a username and password. The username will be the email address provided when creating the profile. The password will be sent to the email address provided during the creation of the profile. The password is personal; the user is responsible for keeping it and ensuring that it is not transferred or otherwise made available to third parties. The user can replace his username and password in the settings of his profile in GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL.

Termination of registration at GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL:
If you no longer wish to be a part of GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL, you can delete your GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL profile at any time from the settings of your profile and / or request it at the address fiorini [@] giampierofiorini.it.

GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL has the right to delete, suspend or modify the user’s profile at any time, without prior notice and without prejudice, in case of violation or suspected violation of these Terms and / or Terms of use of GIAMPIERO FIORINI websites SRL.


To register for GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL, the user must register and create a profile. To create your own GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL profile, the user must provide some personal data, including name and address. The user can choose whether to provide additional information later on in his profile, such as a photo, sex, dates of birth, GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL products purchased and so on.

GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL records the user’s IP address and collects information about the user through the use of cookies. Cookies are text files saved on users’ computers or mobile devices from websites visited. Some cookies are essential to make the GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL site work, while others are used to collect statistics on websites, analyze user behavior, improve the site and so on. We invite users to read the information regarding cookies of GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL for further information.

If the user does not provide his personal information, GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL will not be able to provide him with some or all of the services and advantages reserved for users registered at GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL.


The user has the right to delete his personal data and / or his profile of GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL at any time. Upon user request, GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL will close the user’s profile and will delete all personal data as soon as reasonably possible. When the profile is closed, all user data is deleted and the user can no longer retrieve his profile. However, GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL may store and process your personal data for statistical purposes, to prevent fraud, to resolve any disputes or disputes and to comply with applicable laws, in any case in accordance with the law.


Any questions regarding these Terms, the processing of personal data by GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL or the Local Company, their correction and deletion or any requests for copies of personal data processed by GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL or by the Local Company must be sent to:

Viale Achille Papa, 30
20149 Milano

Email: fiorini[@]giampierofiorini.it


These Terms and any disputes relating to the registration to GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL are subject to Italian law and Europan Regulations (Privacy Policy).

Without prejudice to the foregoing, this provision does not deprive the user of the protection assured by the provisions of the law that can not be waived even by agreement between the parties in the country of habitual residence of the user.

GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL may, at any time and without notice, revise or modify these Terms and / or close, modify or reorganize the GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL website. By using GIAMPIERO FIORINI SRL, the user accepts the applicable Terms. Any revisions or substantial changes to these Terms will require specific acceptance by the user and will be explained during the access procedure to the site.

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